Sergina Zimmitti

School Founder & Instructor
Picture of Sergi outdoors

About Me

Degree: Early Childhood Education
Experience: Spanish immersion instructor (6 years)
Hobbies: Travel, cooking, outdoors
My Courses: Preschool, Beginners, Intermediate - Advanced
Student Ages: Preschool, K-12

More about Sergi


My name is Sergina but my students call me “Sergi.” My passion is teaching Spanish to kids. I am a native Spanish speaker, originally from northeastern Peru, where I was a college professor.

I obtained a degree in Early Childhood Education after immigrating to the U.S. and have been working with kids here in the states for the last 10 years. I have been teaching Spanish, in-person and online, for the past six.

I began teaching Spanish online for a large online school and enjoyed it, but soon realized that I needed to adjust the school’s classes to improve student engagement, particularly for preschool age students. This helped me develop my own teaching style around my students’ natural modes of learning. I am so excited to bring these techniques I developed to my students directly.

I love teaching kids of all ages but I have special training and experience teaching Spanish to preschoolers.

My teaching style is high-energy and play-based. I use a “total physical response” (TPR) method that incorporates props, body language, singing, dancing, and other fun and interactive activities. I also try and adapt to each student’s preferred learning style, which can be a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques.

Apart from initial introductions, my classes are typically taught in 100% Spanish. Because I use visual and other cues in my lessons, this level of “immersion” is suitable even for kids without any previous Spanish language exposure.

A full Spanish immersion education is superior to bilingual lessons, in my experience. While bilingual classes are straightforward to implement, they are not as challenging to the student and do not build Spanish proficiency as quickly or effectively.

My Courses

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