Privacy Policy

Effective November 7, 2020

At (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Ours”), We take pride in maintaining your Internet privacy. Our Privacy Policy below sets forth how information is collected and used by Us as a result of your visitation or use of Our website at the domain and subdomains of and the applications provided and offered through it (collectively, the “Website”). IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THIS PRIVACY POLICY AND UNDERSTAND IT, BECAUSE BY INTERACTING WITH OUR WEBSITE IN ANY WAY, YOU ARE CONSENTING TO THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY AND OUR USE AND COLLECTION OF YOUR INFORMATION PURSUANT TO ITS TERMS.

Additional Internet safeguards exist to protect children’s Internet privacy: The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, (15 U.S.C. 6501, et seq.,) (“COPPA”), which prohibits unfair or deceptive acts or practices in connection with the collection, use, and/or disclosure of personal information from and about children on the Internet, and requires website operators who collect information from children under the age of 13 to obtain verifiable consents before any information is knowingly collected. Our Privacy Policy also addresses these requirements and safeguards.

This Privacy Policy does not cover the data collection policies of third parties responsible for various technical aspects of the delivery of some of Our services, such as, without limitation, Internet service providers, credit-card and payment processors, streaming video platforms, e-mail providers, and similar third parties for which We have no right of access or ability to control.

The information we may collect when you interact with this Website can vary depending on how the Website is used. For example, we collect significantly more information from a parent or legal guardian requesting services for a child, than we do from a casual Website visitor. The information that We collect is also used in different ways; for example, in addition to supporting basic security measures, like user and age authentication, information We collect may be used to train staff, market and improve our services or products, or simply create a better Website experience and Services for Our Website’s users.

Basic Terminology

“You,” “Your,” and “Yours” refers to any person over the age of 18 who lands on, views, or interacts in any way with the Website for any purpose and any length of time. NO person under the age of 18 MAY VIEW, USE OR INTERACT with this Website in any way, unless the minor first obtains the consent of the minor’s parent or legal guardian, who has reviewed this Privacy Policy and consents to OUR COLLECTION AND USE OF THE INFORMATION AS PERMITTED HEREIN.

“Personal information” means individually identifiable information about You or received from You collected online, including: (1) first and last name; (2) home or other physical address including street name and name of a city or town; (3) email address or any other substantially similar identifier that permits direct contact with a person online, including but not limited to, an instant messaging user identifier, a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) identifier, or a video chat user identifier; (4) screen or user name if applicable; (5) telephone number; (6) Social Security number; (7) a persistent identifier that can be used to recognize You over time and across different web sites or online services; for example, a customer number held in a cookie, an Internet Protocol (IP) address, a processor or device serial number, or unique device identifier; (8) a photograph, video, or audio file containing images or voice; (9) geolocation information sufficient to identify street name and name of a city or town; or (10) information which may be collected online and combined with an identifier described in this definition.

“Support Data” is information We collect to support the internal operations of this Website, and is not used or disclosed to contact a specific individual, including through behavioral advertising, to amass a profile on a specific individual, or for any other purpose.  Support Data is used to (i) maintain or analyze the functioning of the Website or online Services;  (ii) perform network communications;  (iii) authenticate users of, or personalize the content on, the Website or online Services; (iv) serve contextual advertising on the Website or online services or cap the frequency of advertising; (v) protect the security or integrity of the user, Website, or online Service; (vi) ensure legal or regulatory compliance; or (vii) fulfill a request as permitted by law.

“Visitor Data” is information collected from a Website Visitor who does not become a Registered User. Visitor Data collected by Us may include Support Data and/or the following Personal information: Your Protocol (IP) address, a processor or device serial number, or unique device identifier, or geolocation information.

“Registered User” means a Visitor who has created an account on Our Website with a username and password.

“Services” means Our live or recorded video classes or subscription-based classes or games, activities, or other products presented on or through the Website or any related application(s).

“Child” means any minor under the age of 13 (or 16 in the EU).

“User Data” means Personal information collected by Us about a Registered User, including the Registered User’s first and/or last name, valid e-mail address, and password.

“Parent” is a Registered User seeking Our Services for the Registered User’s Child, for whom they are the Child’s parent or legal guardian. A Parent must be authenticated as the Child’s Parent by verifying the Parent’s legal name, age, identity, and address (collectively, “Parent Data”) before any Services are scheduled for or provided to the Parent’s Child. Normally authentication occurs when submitting Parent Data through a reputable third-party credit-card or payment processor, like Stripe ( ) or PayPal ( or through some similar service. We reserve the right to seek or require additional proof of age and/or identity of any purported Parent as necessary or in Our discretion. We may also decline to provide Services or refuse further communications with any person in the event such proof(s) is not obtained to Our reasonable satisfaction. Parent Data includes User Data and may include certain information about the Parent’s Child for whom Our Services are sought, as discussed below.

Before Services are provided to a Child, or any Personal information is collected from or about a Child, the Child’s Parent must read and consent to this Privacy Policy and initially consent to providing Us basic information about the Child so We may determine the appropriateness of the Services for the Child. After obtaining such verifiable consent, We may request basic information about the Child, such as the Child’s first name, age, grade level, and any other relevant information concerning the Child’s learning habits or preferences a Parent provides to Us. We seek this information solely to provide You and Your Child with the Services. This information, including any Personal information, provided to Us by a Parent or collected by Us from the Child directly (for example, if the Child shares unsolicited information to Us during a video class), is collectively referred to herein as “Child Data.”

“Visitor Data”, “User Data,” “Parent Data”, and “Child Data” may be collectively referred to herein as the “Data”, unless otherwise specified.

Receipt and Use of Data

We do not knowingly collect or solicit Child Data from any person, including the Child or Child’s Parent, without first obtaining verifiable consent from the Child’s Parent. We require verifiable Parental consent before taking any action(s) that could knowingly result in Our collection of Child Data. By seeking or receiving our Services and voluntarily providing Us consent to collect Parent Data or Child Data for the purposes of considering or enrolling in our Services, You are consenting to Our use of such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You further acknowledge and agree that the Data may be transferred to Us and our Website.

After a Parent successfully registers for our Services for the Child and provides verifiable consent, the Parent and Parent’s Child will be eligible to receive Our Services. Depending on the Services selected, We may provide access to two-way streaming video classes which use a third party streaming video service provider (e.g., Zoom) for the purposes of providing remote Spanish language classes and other online content and activities. We may record all or any part of any streaming video sessions, including audio, which include Child Data. We may use these recordings and Child data internally, in connection with training or improving Our Services or communicating about the Child’s progress with the Child’s Parent, or marketing further Services to the Parent. We may use the recordings and certain Child Data externally for the purposes of advertising or promoting our Services, but in such case, no Personal information about the Child will be disclosed or shared, and the Child’s image or likeness, if applicable, will be de-identified by blurring or distortion or other means, unless we request and receive further, specific prior consent from the Child’s Parent to use it otherwise.

Notices re: Collection and Use of Child Data

We will provide You notice and obtain verifiable Parental consent prior to collecting, using, or disclosing any of Your Child’s Data. In the event any notice is unclear to You, You agree to contact Us immediately to ensure that You understand the notice(s) fully, prior to indicating your consent or acknowledgement of any notice or the terms described therein. You agree and acknowledge that Your consent to any notices We present to You may be indicated electronically (e.g., through a checkbox or response to a prompt or otherwise) and that such electronic manifestation of Your consent is legally enforceable and binding.

Collection and Use of Data

We automatically collect Visitor Data from You when visiting or interacting with this Website. This includes Support Data, and other types of information, such as the tracking or logging of pages of the Website visited to help us understand user preferences and improve user experience. This may also include collecting your IP address (the current web address of your computer), use of web cookies (text files used by another site to track or detect user actions for the purposes of things like security, determining when you are logged in, user experience, and marketing for example), use of browser caches, page-trackers, and collecting domain name(s), and webpage analytics information (dwell time, heatmap, link clicks, web referrers, geolocation information, device operating system and information, etc.). If mobile devices are used in connection with the Services, we or third-party SEO service providers (e.g., Google Analytics) may also collect similar information, including mobile device type and identification number. By Your visiting or using the Website or Services, you are consenting to the collection of such information, and agree that we may share aggregated or de-identified information about You with third parties for marketing, research or similar purposes.

In addition to Visitor Data, We automatically collect User Data when You create an account or log into our Website or communicate with us in a way that transmits similar Personal information. In the event You are a Parent and request Us to provide Services to a Child, this will include Parent Data.

We use Visitor Data, User Data, Parent Data, and in some cases Child Data, to provide and improve our Services. For example, if You communicate with Us regarding the suitability of the Services for a Child or to provide us some correction or addition to a Child’s account, We will use the information to provide the correction or make the addition(s) requested.  We may also send You information about new or different Services for the purposes of marketing and advertising. Any marketing communication we send will permit You to “opt-out” of receiving future marketing communications. Other uses of this information may include registering and paying for the Services, scheduling the Services, resolving payment issues or disputes, or fulfilling other administrative tasks. We may also need to share this information to respond to or comply with a valid legal process or fulfill legal obligations to You or to third parties to the extent they consistent with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws and regulations. Under no circumstance will we knowingly share or disclose Personal information about any Child, without first seeking and obtaining consent from the Child’s Parent.

Data Shared with Web Service Providers

We may need to use Visitor Data, User Data, or Parent Data for Support Services or to share with third party service providers for the purposes of enabling various technical aspects associated with the provision of the Services, such as payment processors, web mailers, web hosts, Internet providers, database providers, and other providers of Internet services. This Privacy Policy does not cover such third parties over which We have no right of access or control.

Links to or From Other Websites

This website may hyperlink to other websites which are not under Our control and are not operated by Us; for example, We may link to blog articles, new releases, research studies, products, or other websites’ web pages. However, this linking and those other websites and pages or information are not covered by this Privacy Policy, nor do We in any way endorse such content, or its accuracy, or any of the policies of those other websites.

Retention and Destruction of Data

We retain Data as long as reasonably necessary to provide the Services and improve or promote our Services, or sometimes longer if needed; for example, to comply with legal obligations, settle disputes, and collect fees owed by any legal means. You may, at any time, request that we delete Your and/or Your Child’s Data by sending a written request to Us at the address below. We reserve the right to retain de-identified or aggregated Data which does not contain Personal information.

Privacy Policy Changes

Our Privacy Policy, like our Services, may change over time; we reserve the right to make changes at any time. When that happens, we will publicize these changes on this Website and update the effective date of this Privacy Policy. You agree to be subject to any such updates upon publication and reasonable notification, which You agree may be made by posting the update on this Website and/or submitted to You via e-mail. Depending on the nature of the change(s) and circumstances, we may need further consent from You before communicating with You or providing any additional Services to Your Child. You agree that We may refuse to provide any further Services to You or Your Child absent Your agreement and consent to any change.

Special Provisions for California and Certain European Nations

If You or the Child are in California, please note that California Civil Code sections 1798.83-1798.84 entitle You to prevent disclosure of Data to third parties for certain marketing purposes or obtain a notice describing the categories of Data we share with affiliates and/or third parties for marketing purposes. If you would like to make such a request, please contact Us.

For certain European residents (those of the European Union (“EU”), United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Norway, or Iceland), additional rights may exist pursuant to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) with respect to the Data. For more information about these rights, or to submit a request for information pursuant to the GDPR, please contact Us. We reserve the right to refuse to comply with any requests We reasonably deem to be infeasible, impractical, frivolous, irrelevant, or contrary with any laws or which would infringe upon the rights of Us or third parties.

Contact Information of Website Operators

Please contact Us if You have any questions about this Privacy Policy or would like to discuss any of its terms: (operated by Sergina Zimmitti and Salvatore Zimmitti); mailing address: 200 S BARRINGTON AVE # 49827, LOS ANGELES, CA 90049-9998; e-mail address:; telephone: ‪(831) 290-0775.